Investment management

We believe that a well-balanced portfolio is both the best way to make long-term gains, as well as the best hedge against the risks that are always present in the world markets. We apply a disciplined approach based on Portfolio Theory to structure the investments such that there are allocations to both risky assets with higher returns and safer assets with lower, but more stable gains.

With our clients, we periodically review their risk tolerance, time horizons, currency exposure, and financial goals. We then use this as the basis to recommend allocations to the asset classes we work with, whether that be international equities, fixed-income, real-estate, or worldwide private equity.

We do not ask for any discretionary mandate and retain no custody of client’s assets. Instead, the assets are placed with third-party banks and brokerages, while every trade we propose and make is subject to client review and approval. We accept no incentive or trading fees from custodians, ensuring that our interests are aligned with the client’s when making investment recommendations and proposing trades.

We have flexible reporting capabilities, allowing us to produce bespoke monthly or quarterly reports individually tailored to the client’s needs. We also take the time to meet and talk with clients on a regular basis, to review both the portfolio’s past performance and to discuss strategies going forward.

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Other services

We try to be the one touchpoint for all our clients’ wealth and family related matters. Our trusted internal staff manages our clients’ personal bookkeeping, secures private payment processing, provides extensive concierge and travel services as well as facilities management of clients’ residencies.

We have also established long-term relationships with trusted third-party independent experts such as banks, law firms and tax advisers, hedge funds and investment firms, in cooperation with whom we provide our clients with legal and tax advice support and coordination across various jurisdictions, we offer estate planning and will drafting services, and support our clients’ long-term philanthropic projects and charitable activities.

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